Le Cochon

An essence of France in our 4 restaurants

Le Cochon Dingue Le Cochon Dingue Le Cochon Dingue Le Cochon Dingue Le Cochon Dingue Le Cochon Dingue Le Cochon Dingue Le Cochon Dingue Le Cochon Dingue Le Cochon Dingue Le Cochon Dingue

- 100% Québécois  -
with a Parisian bistro flair

4 restaurants and coming soon a fifth Cochon Dingue on the south shore of Quebec city (2017).

"Our strength is due to the decor and the mouth-watering menus but also in the festive spirit and the passion of our team," says Jacques Gauthier, the Epicurean, the visionary and the founder of Groupe Restos Plaisirs.

What is so special about Cochon Dingue? A little bit of Parisian bistro and a Quebec joy of life wildly contagious.

Cochon Dingue Champlain

- Cochon Dingue -

The first Cochon Dingue was born in July 14 1979, day of the French national holiday. Located in the Quartier Petit Champlain, near the boulevard with its stone walls and terrace, Cochon Dingue Champlain has a small European style that appeals to both local customers and tourists.

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Cochon Dingue R-Levesque

- Cochon Dingue -

Definitely the most beautiful terrace in town, safe from prying eyes. Inside, it is a well hidden treasure from Quartier Montcalm. Its facade, decorated with two large pigs, catches the eye of curious and hungry folks on René-Lévesque Boulevard.

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Cochon Dingue Maguire

- Cochon Dingue -

Located on the beautiful and alive "Maguire" avenue, the third Cochon Dingue looks like a trendy bistro due to its central podium. What about the fireplace for cold evenings of winter.. In summer, you will find the charming terrace; with its colorful flowers, sheltered from the sun under the awnings, it is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious homemade lemonade.

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Cochon Dingue Lebourgneuf

- Cochon Dingue -

The last one was highly anticipated; installed near the Galeries de la Capitale shopping mall, it is the biggest Cochon Dingue. With its two floors and its huge windows, Cochon Dingue Lebourgneuf differs from his "brothers" with its urban and modern look. The two horses in the front are a little wink and a crazy touch that distinguishes us!

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- The little tale -
of a noteworthy restaurant

- The beginning -
since 1979

The story begins with a crush. In 1979, Jacques and France Gauthier always stop at Cochon Dingue Champlain after the movie theater. Jacques, gourmet desserts lover, is so in love with the carrot cake that they will acquire the small bistro where they plan to invite their friends in a french parisian bistro ambiance.

Slowly, the Quartier Champlain is changing and Cochon Dingue is getting stronger. Three Cochon Dingue will open ; Boulevard René-Lévesque Boulevard Lebourgneuf and Maguire Avenue.

This is the beginning of a great adventure that lasts for 35 years and that has seen the beginning of Groupe Restos Plaisirs. Passionate, curious, ahead of new trends, Gauthier family made the Cochon Dingue a standard regarding pleasure in life.