A veritable institution in Québec, the very first Cochon Dingue (or Crazy Pig) was born on Bastille Day, July 14th, 1979, in the Petit Champlain district.  With the look and feel of a real French bistro, its friendly atmosphere and its ultra tasty menu with a European flair, it quickly became the place to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Over the years, our reputation has grown… and so has the Cochon…  In 1990, a second Cochon settled on René-Levesque Boulevard and in 1992, a third one opened on Maguire Avenue.  Finally, in 2007, the largest Cochon was built on Lebourgneuf Boulevard, across from Les Galeries de la Capitale.

Drawing great inspiration from the French bistros where the owners enjoyed countless meals, le Cochon Dingue clearly illustrates the alliance that exists between France and Québec. At the Cochon, everything reminds us of our cousins, from the decor to the menu and even our distinctive and trademark themes. This permanent nudge to France and our affection for this culture, combined with the joie de vivre and the owners’ fondness for good food and drink are at the root of this unprecedented success story in the city’s restaurant business.  A revolutionary concept if there ever was one, the Cochon Dingue today has hundreds of thousands of crazy, crazy, crazy followers!